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And You Will be Able To:

Increase Your Sales,

Always Speak With Clarity,

Make Your Company First
In Your Customers’ Minds,

Create Compelling & Profitable Presentations,

Skyrocket Your Confidence,

Even Communicate Better with Your Family!

They Didn’t Teach This to You in School
(No Matter the School You Attended.)

What Others Say About Our Workshops:

“…Be prepared to let go of the rules. They don’t work anyway compared to (Sean’s) method.”
-Michelle, Scottsdale

“I think I learned more in eight hours with you than I did in my entire Master’s program.”
-John, City of Glendale, Arizona

“A real kick in the right direction. You’d better show up to Sean’s workshop if you have any intention of doing professional work. Get started now!”
-Sandy, Professional Speaker, Arizona

Attention. Retention. Recognition.
That’s what you’ll get from and give to your audiences using our advanced techniques coached by our experienced training team during the “Executive Speaking Training” public-speaking course.

You could create more sales, improve your business and personal relationships when you attend our next public-speaking workshop!

In our live event (and you have never been to a speaking workshop like this one), you’ll learn, absorb and practice the tools and tips you need that they didn’t teach you in school (law school, seminary, MBA classes, teacher training, real estate classes, military school or whatever school you went to) that will help you make your message STICK IN THE MINDS of your listeners.

Your GOLDEN Tongue
“There’s gold in them there words” of yours! (Paraphrasing the old-time movie prospectors!) Learn to mine the gold of increased sales. Discover the gold in customers and clients who are draw to your authentic presentations. Mine the gold in your own relationships with family and friends! Find the gold in conveying a message that motivates your customers, your students, your congregation, your family.

What Others Say About Our Workshops:
“Absolutely worth the time and money. Easy to understand. Practical Knowledge.”
-Cyndy, Pro Speaker, California

Experience New Growth to Your Skill Set
You know the old cliche that people are more afraid of public speaking than dying, right? We’ll take you way beyond just “having confidence” to KNOWING you are using your public speaking with mastery and conviction. Our small workshop size (just 10 people max.) and small breakout sessions (for groups larger than 5 people) will give you a chance to practice and master what we’re teaching. It’s more like a (friendly) boot camp then just another in-service or a get-out-of-the-office “conference.”

Read more after the video…

“But I am Already a Pro!”
Congrats, Mr. or Ms. Confidence! We’re ready for you, too, as we will go in deep on the ONE ANCIENT SECRET practiced by the great speakers, teachers and orators of history past and present. Be aware: when current leaders don’t use this skill well, they become the butt of jokes on the late night comedy shows.

Here are some of highlights of what we’ll cover in our workshop:

*The one question you must answer for your audience right away or they’ll be working on their mental grocery list while you speak.

*Discover your individual secret that separates you from the rest of the speakers.

*The surprising techniques of a natural and well-liked speaker that you need before you even open your mouth to speak a single word.

*The power of crafting a story: knowing what to keep and what to lay aside.

*How to focus on your listeners. Your audience is never your enemy- forget the archaic (and harmful) advice of “seeing them in their underwear.”

*How to engage your audience using theater techniques even if you hate (or fear) theater techniques.

*The strength and techniques of “Intentionality” that will help you develop your repertoire of having the exact story you need at the exact moment you need it.

*How to be authentic and available to your audience without being sappy, manipulative or turning over control.

*Learn to drop the old-school, archaic rules of presenting and find out how the new rules create freedom for you and long-lasting impressions for your modern audience.

*The energy of “word sounds” that create pictures in the minds of your listeners.

*How to incorporate much needed down-time into every presentation.

*Excellent, experienced coaching that gently “pulls out” your innate skills.

*Networking with other professionals with our fun brain-set stretching activities.

*Learn to use a microphone while learning the do’s and don’ts with real equipment.

*Discover how to use Image Hooks™ in your slides…for those rare when you must use the dreaded projected slides.

*More materials than we are posting here!

You get all these features:
*Several hours of training, coaching and practice in a small-group setting

*Individual speaking time with your group

*Simple refreshments.

*The “Storytelling 101” Eworkbook and a copy of another book by Sean Buvala

An Investment in Yourself.
Your investment in your future success is designed to be affordable, just $89 with early registration. Please take advantage of early registration when available.

A private workshop can be arranged for groups of five or more. Discounts to the public workshop are available for groups that register 4 or more people at once. Workshops outside of the Phoenix area can be arranged. You must contact our office directly for the private workshops or group registrations.

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Each intensive, “boot-camp” workshop has this basic schedule with four incredible hours of learning!

Welcome and Registration

Hour 1: In Your Mind
Sean knows one thing for sure about every student he’s taught or coached: the work of the public speaker happens first in the mind of the speaker. Why are you speaking? What do you have to say? What are the roadblocks to speaking, big and small?

Hour 2: In The Audience
Forget the crazy things about “them” and start to understand the “us” of the interaction between speaker and participants. We’ll talk the six things you need to know.

Hour 3: In Your Story
Sean is a recognized expert, speaker and author in the field of oral storytelling, with more than 30 years experience throughout the U.S and Canada. Forming your story is the essential task of creating your presentation for *any* group at all.

Hour 4: In Front of The Group
Let’s get you up and talking even more! Techniques, positions, coaching, sound….all of those things are covered with you and your classmates in our final hour.

Concluding Thoughts.

Schedule subject to change, of course. Plan on some “homework” before the event begins. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time for breaks and an afternoon refresher snack- you’ll want these moments to re-energize for focused group sessions.

Who Should Attend?
The short answer is: anyone who has to speak to other people in any situation. Sean has trained lawyers, CEO’s, CFO’s, teachers, administrators, theater majors, sales people, pastors and ministers, college and high-school students, health-care professionals, call-center workers, miners, government workers, HR pros, marketing specialists, construction workers, “techies” and storytellers in both private coaching and public workshops.

What Others Say About our Workshops:
“I think my mind set has been permanently altered by this event. The breadth and depth of your knowledge and your passion to share it are simultaneously humbling and inspiring.”
-Liz, College Instructor, Arizona

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Presented by a Working Pro.
Taking time out from his own speaking schedule, your workshop will be led by K. Sean Buvala. Nationally experienced and traveled over the last 29 years, Sean limits the yakking and long lectures on theory to get you working on your new skills right from the start.

Focus on being an authentic speaker, not trying to match some ancient public-speaking nonsense. Connect with your audience now.

An accomplished and nationally-rewarded storyteller, Sean’s audiences range from corporate board rooms to high-school classrooms to working with children in libraries and schools. He is as comfortable with just a few people at an event to an auditorium of thousands of people. With his background and experience, there is a good chance he’s already worked with someone in your industry. In workshops that we host with more than five participants, Sean is usually assisted by another hand-picked and personally-trained professional speaker, coach and presenter for breakout sessions.

Travel Arrangements
Our workshops are held in Avondale, Arizona in a professional location. If you are traveling from outside the Phoenix Metro area, you’ll want to fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. We can make suggestions for hotels in our area but we have no financial interest in any of your arrangements. All travel costs and arrangements are your responsibility alone.

We Know Why You Hesitate to Enroll.
Do you dislike what most groups pass off as training? Perhaps you’ve been burned by the sit-and-watch workshops, keeping you chained to your seat for unendurable long sessions as you think, “Please let lunch come soon.” Or maybe you’ve been subject to instructors who seem to think that you should be kissing the ground they walk on as they barely let little you into their sanctum-of-secrets club?


This is NOT the reality in OUR workshop! We’ll keep you busy. And that busy is busy focused and growing, not just popcorning around. Our instructor, too, comes from the real world of focused, person-centered training of many diverse groups. We’re glad you are here with us and we’re going to treat you with respect while gently challenging you to grow as a speaker and presenter. We partner with you in this learning opportunity.

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Your public speaking talent is going to grow huge. Register now and join us for big savings, focused learning, hands-on practice and coaching, and more which are waiting for you at the next workshop.

See you soon at one of our next Arizona public speaking workshops!

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